2018 DRESSAGE SHOWS - Tamarawiththecamera

Welcome to Tamara with the Camera's website,

I hope you all enjoy the images.  All images on this website are finished images.  They are cropped & color corrected for fast turn around on your order.  All print orders can be done through this website.  When you order Prints or Wall Portraits or any other fun item directly from here, your order goes straight to the lab for processing and the lab sends it directly to you.

All Digital Image orders are made by sending me an email at tamcamera@hotmail.com.  

Upcoming 2018 Shows/Inspections/Keurings

Oct.14 - Foothills Chapter Dressage Classic - Pacific Equestrian Center

Nov.10-11 - Starr Vaughn Dressage III @ Starr Vaughn Equestrian

Wishing everyone a winning Show Season!  As always my email is tamcamera@hotmail.com or you can reach me at 916.300.5144.